Healthy African Grey Parrots Available ,beautiful playful and healthy African grey parrot.Does not bite or nip interacts with everyone in the family loves to play and get scratches steps up eats pallets, seeds and fresh fruit and vegetables,Txt only via (319) 895-7116
Hey! I'm selling the last of my pop collection and just looking to move them. Prices are incredibly cheap! Condition is excellent u less otherwise stated. Listed price is for ALL. Nightwing: $18 Killing Joke Joker: $17 (box damage, holes and scrapes) Tigger: $16 Yellow Jacket GITD: SOLD Dr. Strange Astral Levetation: $16 Hulkbuster 6": $23 Valkyrie: $20 Thor Odin Force: $23 (slight box damage) ...
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